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An Introduction to Capall Bann

Capall Bann is an independent publishing house, formed in September 1993 by Julia & Jon Day, with a difference, in fact with several differences, from the average publisher. For a start we run from our smallholding Auton Farm in Somerset. It is a working smallholding with sheep, chickens, ducks, 8 cats and a labrador. We moved here in 2003 and have planted over 300 native trees since then, our connection to the earth and this place in particular is very important to us. We both worked hard to set the company up and we are all dedicated to producing books of real value and to give great service to our readers. Julia is the first to see new manuscripts and her inspiration, understanding and patience with the rest of us is vital, while Jon has the energy of at least several people and runs around at the front edge of our contact with the rest of the world.

Our aim when setting up the company was to publish the sort of books we would like to read. As large publishers increasingly concentrate on the ‘coffee table’ and glossy gift-book market, the Mind Body Spirit books with real content seemed to be disappearing from the shelves. Many good things are written and put out in booklet form, but these rarely find their way into the shops and are therefore difficult to obtain. 

We publish a range of over 300 books of interest to Pagans, New Agers and others interested in alternative healing, earth mysteries, folklore, psychic and spiritual development. We have years of experience ourselves in these fields - we understand and care about the contents of our books. As the range has expanded it has become more eclectic, putting forward the views of many paths, new information, thoughts and inspiration.

Our authors express many differing views within these fields covering a wide variety of paths; they include well-known names such as Michael Howard, Nigel Pennick, Patricia Crowther, Robert Cochrane, Prudence Jones, Chris Thomas and Nigel Jackson together with a host of new talented and inspired writers and aritists. All titles are professionally produced, perfect bound paperbacks on good paper with full colour laminated covers.


A Breath Behind Time, Terri Hector 
A Soul is Born by Eleyna Williamson 
Angels and Goddesses - Celtic Christianity & Paganism, M. Howard 
The Art of Conversation With the Genius Loci, Barry Patterson
Arthur - The Legend Unveiled, C Johnson & E Lung 
Astrology The Inner Eye - A Guide in Everyday Language, E Smith 
Auguries and Omens - The Magical Lore of Birds, Yvonne Aburrow 
Asyniur - Women’s Mysteries in the Northern Tradition, S McGrath 
Beginnings - Geomancy, Builder’s Rites & Electional Astrology in the European Tradition, Nigel Pennick 
Between Earth and Sky, Julia Day 
Book of the Veil , Peter Paddon 
The Book of Seidr, Runic John
Caer Sidhe - Celtic Astrology and Astronomy, Michael Bayley 
Call of the Horned Piper, Nigel Jackson 
Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep, Linda Louisa Dell
Carnival of the Animals, Gregor Lamb
Cat’s Company, Ann Walker
Celebrating Nature, Gordon MacLellan
Celtic Faery Shamanism, Catrin James 
Celtic Faery Shamanism - The Wisdom of the Otherworld, Catrin James 
Celtic Lore & Druidic Ritual, Rhiannon Ryall 
Celtic Sacrifice - Pre Christian Ritual & Religion, Marion Pearce 
Celtic Saints and the Glastonbury Zodiac, Mary Caine 
Circle and the Square, Jack Gale 
Come Back To Life, Jenny Smedley
Company of Heaven, Jan McDonald
Compleat Vampyre - The Vampyre Shaman, Nigel Jackson 
Cottage Witchcraft, Jan McDonald
Creating Form From the Mist - The Wisdom of Women in Celtic Myth and Culture, Lynne Sinclair-Wood 
Crystal Clear - A Guide to Quartz Crystal, Jennifer Dent 
Crystal Doorways, Simon & Sue Lilly 
Crossing the Borderlines - Guising, Masking & Ritual Animal Disguise in the European Tradition, Nigel Pennick 
Dragons of the West, Nigel Pennick 
Earth Dance - A Year of Pagan Rituals, Jan Brodie 
Earth Harmony - Places of Power, Holiness & Healing, Nigel Pennick 
Earth Magic, Margaret McArthur 
Egyptian Animals - Guardians & Gateways of the Gods, Akkadia Ford
Eildon Tree (The) Romany Language & Lore, Michael Hoadley 
Enchanted Forest - The Magical Lore of Trees, Yvonne Aburrow 
Eternal Priestess, Sage Weston 
Eternally Yours Faithfully, Roy Radford & Evelyn Gregory 
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Body, But So Far Nobody’s Been Able To Tell You, Chris Thomas & D Baker 
Experiencing the Green Man, Rob Hardy & Teresa Moorey
Face of the Deep - Healing Body & Soul, Penny Allen
Fairies and Nature Spirits, Teresa Moorey
Fairies in the Irish Tradition, Molly Gowen 
Familiars - Animal Powers of Britain, Anna Franklin 
Flower Wisdom, Katherine Kear
Fool’s First Steps, (The) Chris Thomas 
Forest Paths - Tree Divination, Brian Harrison, Ill. S. Rouse 
From Past to Future Life, Dr Roger Webber 
From Stagecraft To Witchcraft, , Patricia Crowther
Gardening For Wildlife Ron Wilson 
God Year, The, Nigel Pennick & Helen Field 
Goddess on the Cross, Dr George Young 
Goddess Year, The, Nigel Pennick & Helen Field 
Goddesses, Guardians & Groves, Jack Gale 
Handbook For Pagan Healers, Liz Joan 
Handbook of Fairies, Ronan Coghlan 
Healing Book, The, Chris Thomas and Diane Baker 
Healing Homes, Jennifer Dent 
Healing Journeys, Paul Williamson 
Healing Stones, Sue Philips 
Herb Craft - Shamanic & Ritual Use of Herbs, Lavender & Franklin 
Hidden Heritage - Exploring Ancient Essex, Terry Johnson 
Hub of the Wheel, Skytoucher 
In and Out the Windows, Dilys Gater 
In Search of Herne the Hunter, Eric Fitch 
In Search of the Green Man, Peter Hill 
Inner Celtia, Alan Richardson & David Annwn 
Inner Mysteries of the Goths, Nigel Pennick 
Inner Space Workbook - Develop Through Tarot, Cat Summers & Julian Vayne
In Search of Pagan Gods, Teresa Moorey
Intuitive Journey, Ann Walker Isis - African Queen, Akkadia Ford 
Journey Home, The, Chris Thomas 
Kecks, Keddles & Kesh - Celtic Lang & The Cog Almanac, Bayley 
Language of the Psycards, Berenice 
Legend of Robin Hood, The, Richard Rutherford-Moore 
Lid Off the Cauldron, Patricia Crowther 
Light From the Shadows - Modern Traditional Witchcraft, Gwyn 
Living Tarot, Ann Walker
Lore of the Sacred Horse, Marion Davies 
Lost Lands & Sunken Cities (2nd ed.), Nigel Pennick 
The Magic and Mystery of Trees, Teresa Moorey
Magic For the Next 1,000 Years, Jack Gale
Magic of Herbs - A Complete Home Herbal, Rhiannon Ryall 
Magical Guardians - Exploring the Spirit and Nature of Trees, Philip Heselton 
Magical History of the Horse, Janet Farrar & Virginia Russell 
Magical Lore of Animals, Yvonne Aburrow 
Magical Lore of Cats, Marion Davies 
Magical Lore of Herbs, Marion Davies 
Magick Without Peers, Ariadne Rainbird & David Rankine 
Masks of Misrule - Horned God & His Cult in Europe, Nigel Jackson 
Medicine For The Coming Age, Lisa Sand MD 
Medium Rare - Reminiscences of a Clairvoyant, Muriel Renard 
Menopausal Woman on the Run, Jaki da Costa
Mind Massage - 60 Creative Visualisations, Marlene Maundrill 
Mirrors of Magic - Evoking the Spirit of the Dewponds, P Heselton 
The Moon and You, Teresa Moorey
Moon Mysteries, Jan Brodie 
Mysteries of the Runes, Michael Howard 
Mystic Life of Animals, Ann Walker 
New Celtic Oracle The, Nigel Pennick & Nigel Jackson 
Oracle of Geomancy, Nigel Pennick 
Pagan Feasts - Seasonal Food for the 8 Festivals, Franklin & Phillips 
Paganism For Teens, Jess Wynne
Patchwork of Magic - Living in a Pagan World, Julia Day 
Pathworking - A Practical Book of Guided Meditations, Pete Jennings 
Personal Power, Anna Franklin 
Pickingill Papers - The Origins of Gardnerian Wicca, Bill Liddell 
Pillars of Tubal Cain, Nigel Jackson 
Places of Pilgrimage and Healing, Adrian Cooper 
Planet Earth - The Universe’s Experiment, Chris Thomas
Practical Divining, Richard Foord 
Practical Meditation, Steve Hounsome 
Practical Spirituality, Steve Hounsome 
Psychic Self Defence - Real Solutions, Jan Brodie 
Real Fairies, David Tame 
Reality - How It Works & Why It Mostly Doesn't, Rik Dent 
Romany Tapestry, Michael Houghton 
Runic Astrology, Nigel Pennick 
Sacred Animals, Gordon MacLellan 
Sacred Celtic Animals, Marion Davies, Ill. Simon Rouse 
Sacred Dorset - On the Path of the Dragon, Peter Knight 
Sacred Grove - The Mysteries of the Forest, Yvonne Aburrow
Sacred Geometry, Nigel Pennick 
Sacred Nature, Ancient Wisdom & Modern Meanings, A Cooper 
Sacred Ring - Pagan Origins of British Folk Festivals, M. Howard 
Season of Sorcery - On Becoming a Wisewoman, Poppy Palin 
Seasonal Magic - Diary of a Village Witch, Paddy Slade 
Secret Places of the Goddess, Philip Heselton 
Secret Signs & Sigils, Nigel Pennick 
The Secrets of East Anglian Magic, Nigel Pennick
A Seeker’s Guide To Past Lives, Paul Williamson
Seeking Pagan Gods, Teresa Moorey
A Seer’s Guide To Crystal Divination, Gale Halloran
Self Enlightenment, Mayan O’Brien 
Soul Resurgence, Poppy Palin
Spirits of the Air, Jaq D Hawkins 
Spirits of the Water, Jaq D Hawkins 
Spirits of the Fire, Jaq D Hawkins 
Spirits of the Aether, Jaq D Hawkins 
Spirits of the Earth, Jaq D Hawkins 
Stony Gaze, Investigating Celtic Heads John Billingsley 
Stumbling Through the Undergrowth , Mark Kirwan-Heyhoe 
Subterranean Kingdom, The, revised 2nd ed, Nigel Pennick 
Symbols of Ancient Gods, Rhiannon Ryall 
Talking to the Earth, Gordon MacLellan
Talking With Nature, Julie Hood 
Taming the Wolf - Full Moon Meditations, Steve Hounsome 
Teachings of the Wisewomen, Rhiannon Ryall 
The Other Kingdoms Speak, Helena Hawley 
Transformation of Housework, Ben Bushill
Tree: Essence of Healing, Simon & Sue Lilly 
Tree: Essence, Spirit & Teacher, Simon & Sue Lilly 
Tree Seer, Simon & Sue Lilly
Through the Veil, Peter Paddon 
Torch and the Spear, Patrick Regan 
Understanding Chaos Magic, Jaq D Hawkins 
Understanding Past Lives, Dilys Gater
Understanding Second Sight, Dilys Gater
Understanding Spirit Guides, Dilys Gater
Understanding Star Children, Dilys Gater
The Urban Shaman, Dilys Gater
Vortex - The End of History, Mary Russell 
Warp and Weft - In Search of the I-Ching, William de Fancourt 
Warriors at the Edge of Time, Jan Fry 
Water Witches, Tony Steele 
Way of the Magus, Michael Howard 
Weaving a Web of Magic, Rhiannon Ryall 
West Country Wicca, Rhiannon Ryall 
What’s Your Poison? vol 1, Tina Tarrant
Wheel of the Year, Teresa Moorey & Jane Brideson
Wildwitch - The Craft of the Natural Psychic, Poppy Palin 
Wildwood King , Philip Kane 
A Wisewoman’s Book of Tea Leaf Reading, Pat Barki 
The Witching Path, Moira Stirland
The Witch’s Kitchen, Val Thomas
The Witches’ Heart, Eileen Smith
Witches of Oz, Matthew & Julia Philips 
Witchcraft Myth Magic Mystery and... Not Forgetting Fairies, Ralph Harvey
Wondrous Land - The Faery Faith of Ireland by Dr Kay Mullin 
Working With Crystals, Shirley o’Donoghue
Working With Natural Energy, Shirley o’Donoghue
Working With the Merlin, Geoff Hughes 
Your Talking Pet, Ann Walker 
The Zodiac Experience, Patricia Crowther