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Working with the Merlin - Healing People & Planet, by Geoff Hughes

Working with the Merlin - Healing People & Planet, by Geoff Hughes
'a highly practical blueprint for developing and working with psychic energies and applying them in the world...I would recommend it.' Silver Wheel The Merlin is a guardian of this planet, together with many others, and is acting on behalf of other unseen guardians, seeking mankind?s help in restoring harmony to all here. This book is about the Merlin and his teachings in the 1980's and 1990's. He has awoken, for now is his time to move about the Land again to bring healing to the peoples, and the earth. The writer is, like many others, on a Quest for knowledge, to Know, to search for a meaning of life. The answers which came through are stunning, sometimes shocking, often controversial. This book is about aspects of this work, carefully graded to take the aspiring student through the first principles and onward into the realms of having the ability to make direct contact with the Forces of the Cosmos. Cutting through the mountains of superstition and man-made rules to find the simplicity and purity of our natural heritage of direct contact with the Unseen Worlds. ISBN 186163 0018
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