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Wood Wisdom, by Catherine Watling

Wood Wisdom, by Catherine Watling
Wood Wisdom is designed as a companion to exploring the sacred forest, both in the physical world and the inner realm of imagination, vision and dream. The rites and meditations given will guide you along the winding forest path as you develop a feel for working with trees, but above all they will act as a spark to ignite the fire of your own inspiration. Poetry and tale are included for the same reason. Symbols speak direct to the subconscious: the word pictures of poetry, the visible images of art and the weaving of a storyline. They open the door to another kind of reality from the one we usually experience, where you can interact with the spirits of the trees and learn first-hand from them. Finding a tree or grove that you feel a rapport with, blending the physical with the spiritual, is ideal but not everyone has a garden or woodland close by, or the privacy to meditate or perform ritual outside in peace. It is important to remember that, whilst taking every opportunity to contact physical trees, working mainly on the inner planes can still bring the gifts of knowledge and transformation even when it is not possible to get out into nature.
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