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Wildwitch - The Craft of the Natural Psychic, By Poppy Palin

Wildwitch - The Craft of the Natural Psychic, By Poppy Palin
Explores the energies of the Wild, the natural world, and working with them for positive, harmonious results. Wildwitch encourages the reader to rejoice in their own inherent psychic ability and to use it with integrity and wisdom including working with Other Realms, spirit and the personal Guide. Poppy?s experiences are used to illustrate and bring to life the points made. Wildwitch advocates progressing along a very individual spiritual path, encouraging the reader to explore the wilderness within and without, accessing the hidden places and looking for truths where others do not. This book?s roots are firmly in the tradition of the Craft, but it also looks deeper, using questions as part of the reader?s quest, encouraging individual thoughts, answers and truths. Wildwitch is, essentially, about the energies that link us all, incarnate or in spirit, written from the perspective of one who works with these energies as a way of life. ISBN 186163 103 0
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