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What's Your Poison: Vol 1 - The Garden of Hades, by Tina Tarrant

What's Your Poison: Vol 1 - The Garden of Hades, by Tina Tarrant
Welcome to the quirky world of poisons in this seductive guide to the deviant side of nature. 'What's Your Poison?' wryly invites the reader into a fact-finding combustion of curiosities introducing the plants possessing the ability to heal or cure and captivating interest from all walks of life. As Paracelsus stated "It depends only on the dose whether a poison is a poison or not". For gardeners, grannies, witches, warlocks, bokers (voudoun priests), shamans, witch doctors, medics, cooks, undertakers, history buffs, environmentalists, murder writers, art lovers, the arcane, manic depressives, lovers of the bizarre and avid browsers. It's an enlightening, humourous, colourfully dark and deadly, wonderful weird read, containing many little-known facts on poisonous plants, baneful shrubs, trees and vines and herbal healers. Come, delve into the mysteries of nature - this book gives you wings - of wisdom! Fantastically illustrated with Tina's superb artwork. ISBN 186163 2452
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