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Weaving a Web of Magic

Weaving a Web of Magic
This, the companion volume to ?Celtic Lore and Druidic Ritual? gives the reader another rich collection of Traditional chants, rituals and information. ?Weaving a Web of Magic? contains Celtic Rituals which Rhiannon believes have never been in print before. Included are information on:- The Glass Tower Rite, Old Devon and Somerset Calenders, Web and Cord Magic, Hag Stones, The Enneagram, (a ritual dance), Crystals, Guided Celtic World or Otherworld meditations, hidden meanings in tales, Dew Ponds, working the Sun and Moon at once, deciphering Celtic mythology, numerology, Mediterranean Rites, the Zodiac, Warding in a circle, Talismans, Bind Runes, the Coelbren, Laws from the ?Book of Appin?, a Chart of Planetary Rulers, Insights from ?Inner Planes? working, an Old Scottish method of Raising Power, ?Signposts for the soul?, a different way of using a Tarot deck, Universal Fluid Condensers and a Blessing for Circle Closing. Here is a book of Rituals, Meditations, Magical Information, all manner of magical threads that will lead into a worthwhile Web of Magic for you!ISBN 1898307 92X
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