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Walking With Spirit, by Poppy Palin

Walking With Spirit, by Poppy Palin
What is a natural psychic? In this easy-to-follow and inspirational book, Poppy Palin discusses the attributes and talents of those who are born with ‘The Sight’...the ability to see beyond the material world into the subtle realms of spirit. The book is a manual for anyone who wishes to develop their inherent gift for ‘seeing’, a guide for those who were born sensitive to energies that others cannot feel. The book takes the reader through a structured course enabling them to understand and work with spirit. Through example and practical advice ‘Walking with Spirit’ will give the undeveloped natural psychic a chance to communicate with the Otherworlds safely and accurately. The book discusses the nature of discarnate beings in order for the reader to be able to recognise and communicate effectively with them. The aim is to give the confidence and enthusiasm to work as a psychic for the good of the community...and ultimately the All. ISBN 186163 1294
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