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Walking the Faery Path by Michella Lunare

Walking the Faery Path by Michella Lunare
Clearly written, the love, joy and wisdom of the faeries shines throughout this book.

"Walking the Faery Path" enables you to journey deeply within and connect to your own Faery Self, the Faery Realm and your Faery Allies. In a deeply healing journey you will learn to live joyfully and with an open heart on Earth.

The reader is shown in detail how to create their own Faery light body, giving many heightened senses, skills and magical tools to use on a new path of flowing creativity, love, joy and fun!

Completed and at the printers. We will be shipping copies from April 3rd. Orders can be placed in advance.
Telephone Orders: 01823401528
£9.95 ex VAT

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