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Understanding Star Children, by Dilys Gater

Understanding Star Children, by Dilys Gater
What are star children? (An umbrella term for ‘others’ who cannot identify wholly with life in the here and now, as a human being, people who know intuitively that they belong somewhere else). Aliens and extra-terrestrials includes UFOs, ‘walk-ins’, Venusians etc. Angels and fallen angels - extremely gifted beings including those who have some kind of arrogant/prideful block to their spiritual progress. The sacrificial scream - Higher souls which undertake to provide the sacrifices in this life on behalf of the others, possibly some animals – we never hear their personal anguish or sometimes their difficulties in overcoming the pain. Atlanteans, Lemurians, Ancients, including ancient pagan souls and those with roots in other civilizations, Ancient Mesopotamia etc. Messiahs, Star People, ‘Seeds’, Light Bearers, Ascended Masters. The book includes information on: why are they here, what do they do, how they recognise each other, etc. Cult-like concepts of ‘us and them’ bring barriers and boundaries where there should be none. This is a wide-ranging but open-ended picture – none of the star children really know, or can say, exactly ‘where’ they have come from to the exclusion of other ‘others’. The only criterion is the feeling of ‘other’ itself. ISBN 186163 2541
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