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Understanding Spirit Guides, by Dilys Gater

Understanding Spirit Guides, by Dilys Gater
What are Spirit Guides? Are they the same as Guardian Angels? Are they ghosts, spirits of people who have passed on or beings from another plane? How can they be contacted? What do they do? And can anyone have a Spirit Guide or do they only make themselves known to a privileged few? In this book Dilys Gater, herself a practising psychic and medium, addresses the whole subject of inspirational guidance, discussing the roles of other-worldly teachers, guides, guardians, protectors, facilitators – and beings such as gatekeepers and doorkeepers - in a wider context. ‘The term ‘spirit guide’ has become popularly identified with psychic and spiritual mediumship,’ she says. ‘Especially in connection with making contact with the dead. But in fact far more individuals than people think are gifted mediums without realising it, or are in touch with their guides in other ways. Many people are already intuitively communicating with higher beings – whatever they perceive them as, whether guides, angels, ‘invisible friends’ or departed relatives – and are consequently living richer and more empowered lives. The word ‘guide’ means an example, an inspiration, someone or something that shows the way. And this is what spirit guidance is all about – simply being able to connect with sources that help us aspire towards a spiritually fulfiled existence. We can all do it, we can all learn to listen to the voices of our guides, make contact and accept them into our lives, and benefit from what they have to teach us as we travel together along the way.’ A practical and informative introduction to the whole subject of spirit guidance and mediumship for readers of every level of development, whether beginner or working medium. ISBN 186163 2576
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