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Understanding Flower Spirits by Paul Gater

Understanding Flower Spirits by Paul Gater
A world without flowers – being denied the joy of their brightness of colour, scent and form – would be unthinkable. Paul Gater has spent over 40 years as a horticulturist, working in harmony with the natural world, in close proximity to flowers, trees and plants. This sensitive book conducts the reader through time and place to the loving heart of the flower spirits themselves. But exactly why should this be? We acknowledge their beauty yet we take flowers almost for granted. Throughout history, for various reasons, the immensely uplifting feeling of seeing, experiencing and being near to flowers, particularly if we have grown them ourselves, has made us very aware of their deeper significance. Topics include a brief history of flowers, mythology, flowers as healers, the languages of flowers, flower faeries (of various different kinds), flower names given to people – flower invocations, traditional prayers and rhymes - and in general their own symbolic meanings and long relation with mankind. Personal thoughts on intuitive appreciation of tending a flower garden throughout the year – the well-being of one’s physical self, plus the spiritual significance of flowers realised as a result. ISBN 186163 2630
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