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Twin Souls - An Exploration Into the Unknown, by Ronald Kinsella Ronald Kinsella

Twin Souls - An Exploration Into the Unknown, by Ronald Kinsella Ronald Kinsella
Ronald Kinsella is the twin brother of the author and award-winning Medium Philip Kinsella. In this book he highlights incidents that changed his perception of life. From extra terrestrial encounters to conversations with Spirit, this account spans his struggle in coming to terms with alternative worlds and dimensions. This book is not about intrigue or a selfish way of exploiting an alien encounter, along with spiritual matters and coincidences that cannot possibly be coincidences. No, this is about the power of the unknown and how it subtly found its way into both Ronal¹s and Philip¹s lives. It may inspire people to look at themselves and re-evaluate, if necessary, their way of thinking once they have read about the trials we both faced, along with the wonderment of the unexplained. 'Twin Souls is a book that will offer you hope. Having read it, I was left feeling intrigued by the events that occurred during Ronald¹s experiences, though not surprised. Having researched the UFO subject for decades, I am utterly convinced that mankind, as a whole, is - and has been - visited by advanced beings from other worlds and dimensions, and that civilisation must look upon this phenomena as a reality, rather than a laughable dinnertable topic' Brenda Butler, co-author of 'Sky Crash'
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