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Tree: Essence, Spirit and Teacher by Simon and Sue Lilly

Tree: Essence, Spirit and Teacher by Simon and Sue Lilly
Trees are the creators and maintainers of our reality. In every tradition their spiritual strength has been clearly recognised. Sue and Simon Lilly, developers of 'Green Man Tree Essences', share their experiences and describe a wide range of techniques by which we can come into a direct and powerful relationship with the Tree Kingdoms. Emphasis is placed on establishing a personal experience through which the teachings of the Tree Spirits can become apparent. Subjects covered include: The metaphysical reality of trees, Tree essences and how to use them; Meeting the Spirits - methods of communication; Tree Teacher Techniques; Attunements to forty different trees; Coming into the presence of tree energies through initiation, and an exploration of some powerful Tree Teachers. This is the first volume in the 'Tree Seer' series. ISBN 18163 084 0
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