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The Wonder of Witchcraft, By Sage Weston

The Wonder of Witchcraft, By Sage Weston
The study and practice of witchcraft or 'wise-craft' goes back to the dawn of time. The wisewomen - and men - of days gone by understood the four elements that made up the world - those of earth, air, fire and water - and respected their powers. They learnt a little about the movement of the stars, the effects of solar and lunar tides, prompting tides of group thought - the impulse that ran through the mass subconscious.Sage Weston traces the origins of the Old Religion and its importance and relevance to life in today’s fast-moving, noisy, crowded society. The importance of finding one’s own quiet space is discussed, as are the seasonal and cosmic rhythms - the natural time and tides so vital to the modern witches and their ancestors alike. The uses of meditation and dreams, the Hidden Path, magical names, linking with the elements and linking witchcraft with everyday life - really living it - are all covered here. ISBN 186163 2207
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