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The Transformation of Housework, by Ben Bushill

The Transformation of Housework, by Ben Bushill
by Ben Bushill
Do you ever find the never-ending stream of jobs around the house a trial, time to be resented, rather than used and enjoyed? The Transformation of Housework shows you how to bring a new lightness and energy to those chores. How to use the time we must spend doing housework in a more creative and positive way. By connecting the principles of Tai-chi and meditation to everyday actions the reader is able to experience the benefits of these practices in a very real and down to earth way. Simple exercises, cartoons and photographs show you how to connect to the chi energy and how to bring that energy into your chores and your life. Photographs show some basic Tai-chi movements and principles and how these can be applied to our household jobs. It is a way of teaching those of us with hectic, stressed lives to slow down and find a little space for ourselves in the midst of the chaos, a reminder to look at the world a little differently and blow a big raspberry at the mind that thinks it knows everything there is to know about washing the dishes. The Transformation of Housework will show you some surprises in those things you thought you knew. The whole book is presented in a light-hearted way, never taking itself too seriously and inviting people to laugh at themselves and the fact that they’ve “got to do the damn housework” yet again. This is a fun-filled book that also contains real learning - it will revolutionise your relationship with your housework! ISBN 186163 1820
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