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The Sacred Word, by Helen Watling

The Sacred Word, by Helen Watling
by Helen Watling

Words - sound vibrations or symbols seen on a page - have the power to describe images in the mind and to evoke whole inner worlds. This happens every time we read a novel or poem. What is this but magic? The word created, but could also destroy. Sound vibrations have been used to heal, to bring harmony, or to cause disintegration. This book is about the spoken word, but it cannot be seen in isolation from music, song and chant, as all produce vibration, changing consciousness and emotion. The Celts believed that not only humans, but spirits, deities, and the land itself could be affected. So the vibration of sound has incredible power, but what about symbols? Though the letters of our own alphabet are used every day on a mundane level they possess much hidden potency. Throughout the millennia, from Dynastic Egypt to Medieval Europe, letters, incantations, names and words played a vital role, in religion and occult arts. The principles described apply worldwide. Invocation, chants, talismans, and divination are only a few of the modern applications for the sacred word, showing how the magical use of alphabets can bring about change in our lives. As you read each word of this, or any other book, you are performing a magical act, giving black symbols on a white background a colourful tapestry of meaning. The rite has already begun........ ISBN 186163109X
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