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The Sacred Earth Guide, by Michael Howard

The Sacred Earth Guide, by Michael Howard
by Michael Howard
A history and guide to modern Earth Mysteries research including recent exciting developments. As far back as the 17th and 18th centuries antiquarians such as the Rev. William Stukeley became interested in ancient sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury. Only recently Stukeley?s maps of Avebury, previously thought inaccurate, have been confirmed by the discovery of a ?lost avenue? of standing stones. Some EM researchers believe that these sites were considered special or sacred because they were ?power centres? where the natural energy of the Earth was concentrated. Not only do they believe that this earth energy can be detected and measured using dowsing instruments, but they claim that the ancient people who built the megalithic monuments harnessed this energy for magical and spiritual purposes. In recent years other researchers have identified leys as ?spirit lines?, ?death roads? and ?ghost paths? linking ancient sites and connected with ancient shamanic concepts of spirit travel and altered states of consciousness. Both theories are examined here. The primary purpose of EM research is to collate and analyse all the available information about ancient sites so that some overall pattern can be perceived. The people who built the sacred sites did so for reasons which were firmly based on a spiritual vision of their relationship with the sacred landscape. It is often the spiritual and mystical aspects of EM research which attract people in the first place. Having read the book it is hoped that the reader will emerge at the end of our magical mystery tour fully equipped to begin their own personal quest for the secrets of the mystical past which are still a living power in the land. ISBN 186163 1367
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