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The Return of Yesterday's People, by Josephine Sellers

The Return of Yesterday's People, by Josephine Sellers
by Josephine Sellers

This is a true account of strange happenings in the lives of Josephine and her immediate family. These incidents add strength to the theory that life is a continuing and developing cycle of energy-experience through time. Over a long period of time these incidents inter-related with each other to produce evidence of earth energies, reincarnation, inter dimensional communicated wisdom and the need for the rescue of souls in limbo. Brushes with the authority of the Church, the Banking System and the Legal Profession are a part of the story and the perceptive reader will note how, from an early age, Josephine had to struggle against such authority in order to establish her own integrity and find her own truth. She offer the suggestion that in the Aquarian age, we each need to seek the knowledge of our own reality, and that it is only through this Gnosis that we will be able to cope with the dangerous tendencies and detrimental influences that are beginning to pile up on the horizons of the future. ISBN 186163 2118
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