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The Powers That Seek - Magick Within Ancient Egypt, by Akkadia Ford

The Powers That Seek - Magick Within Ancient Egypt, by Akkadia Ford
The power of Egyptian magick has long flowed through the Western Mysteries. While many practitioners are familiar with the ancient Gods and Goddesses, an awareness of their inner potencies and how to access the powers concealed within their forms is often uncertain. Utilising an analysis of the names of godforms in their original Middle Egyptian language provides a wealth of information not usually available. Throughout this book the primary Godforms of creation magick - Khephra and Atum - are closely examined. All forms of creation are considered as emanations of the original Unity of Atum and partaking in a similar pattern of creation to enable manifestation. For contemporary practitioners, understanding the lore of Egyptian Creation legends provides the divine matrix from which other works of creation may take form. Within this volume are assembled texts and formulae of creation, an analysis of the importance of colour and number within all works of Egyptian magick and a complete section on the creation of potent amulets, talismans and sacred statuary, in accordance with the ancient Egyptian principles.

This is the second book on the ancient Egyptian Tradition by Akkadia Ford, whose first book "Isis Afrikan Queen" was enthusiastically received internationally by readers and devotees of the Egyptian Gods. Akkadia holds Masters' Degrees in both Egyptology and Visual Art and has travelled extensively into the ancient Egyptian religious beliefs. A Founder of The Egyptian Temple project - a contemporary philosophic project dedicated to research and practical exploration of the living mysteries of Kemet (the ancient name of Egypt), the author has offered outstanding public presentations on the ancient Egyptian Tradition and maintains an ongoing practise within the Egyptian Temple.
ISBN 186163 1413
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