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The Other Kingdoms Speak vol 1, by Helena Hawley

The Other Kingdoms Speak vol 1, by Helena Hawley
What the Animals, Plants, Crystals, Extraterrestrials, Angels, Mermaids & Fairies Have to Say

"Helena's efforts inspire and uplift us in every chapter...leaves the reader feeling lighter and brighter as a spiritual quality shines out from the pages....I am sure many readers will find something of value in these books" Jeannie H. Judd. This is a book of communications from the spiritual dimensions. The diversity of themes covered includes the 'Council of Animals', other animals, tree consciousness, mermaids, fairies, angels and interaction with extraterrestrials with wisdom and learning from past lives. The need to recreate the balance of the planet is explained, but more than this, our true place in the scheme of things, part of the whole, no longer needing to be apart from it. The other species on many levels of existence all offer us their loving help and energy in making a great leap forward in human development. The energies of wisdom and love are extended to the reader through the medium of both words and inspired artwork, including full colour plates. ISBN 1 898307 062X
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