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The Oracle of Geomancy, by Nigel Pennick

The Oracle of Geomancy, by Nigel Pennick
by Nigel Pennick
Commences with a history and description of this geomancy, its origins in Greece and North Africa and its spread to sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the Americas. Also discussed is the linking of divinatory geomancy with astrology and earth mysteries, the Madagascar Vintana traditions, the West African Ifa and medieval European punktierkunst, followed by a comparison to I Ching and similar techniques. The book describes the practical methods of using divinatory geomancy. The 16 figures of divinatory geomancy are covered, how to erect them, their meanings and interpretation. This is followed by appendices of correspondences. The reader is taught how to use divinatory geomancy to answer questions and solve dilemmas with examples and illustrations. ISBN 1898307 164
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