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The Old Stones of Elmet, by Paul Bennett

The Old Stones of Elmet, by Paul Bennett
This soundly and extensively researched work delineates many of the old stone sites of the ancient British kingdom of Elmet - the last region in England to come under the dominion of the church. Elmet was one of the smaller regions that made up the huge northern kingdom of Brigantia, which was the largest single pagan-Celtic kingdom of the ancient Britons, comprising the six modern northern counties of England. Here, the powerful influence of the great Triple Goddess, or High One, known in this ancient land as Brigid, Brigantia, Verbeia, Mab and variants of such names was integral to the nature of the people. A number of stone circles described in this work are still known as temples to this ancient and primal force and would, at the very least, have been ritual moots where Brigantia?s triple goddess was venerated.The subject examined in this book is looked at from a holistic or multi-disciplinary approach; drawing on information from astronomy, archaeology, folklore, geomancy, magick, geometry, history, anthropology and spirit essence. This approach surely gives us a more comprehensive survey of the sites and enables us to draw firmer conclusions on their true nature to find out what these sites meant to our ancestors. The book includes a vast amount of detailed information, extensive illustrations and a comprehensive gazeteer ISBN 186163 1340
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