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The Mystical & Magical World of Faerie, by Ralph Harvey

The Mystical & Magical World of Faerie, by Ralph Harvey
For those who are interested in fairies then this book is a ‘must have’; it is full of facts, and written in that inimitable style interspersed with humour that is so characteristic of Ralph. And the end result raises the age old question, do fairies exist - or did they once exist? Could they have survived the passing of the centuries? Well after reading ‘The Mystical and Magical Realm of Faerie’ and from the clear evidence presented within its pages of these little beings that are mostly invisible to the human eye, then the conclusion must be yes, they still do, but do not expect them to come to you very easily as Ralph will explain. Sir Laurence Dean. Paranormal researcher and psychic healer. "I personally adored every intriguing page as I read, ‘The Mystical and Magical World of Faerie’ - a masterpiece that leaves as many mysteries in its wake as it solves. Notwithstanding this contradiction, the dice comes down distinctly proving their existence ‘once upon a time’ and most certainly suggests their existence has endured right up to this, the 21stcentury." Ross Hemsworth of Glastonbury Radio, Author of ‘The Dead are Talking’
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