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The Mystic Life of Animals, by Ann Walker

The Mystic Life of Animals, by Ann Walker
by Ann Walker
"..refreshing...a wealth of information. Anyone with a love for an animal will benefit from this book, or at least know they are not crazy when they believe their animal speaks to them...Well done Ann. Recommended for all." Spiritual Links (Australia)
As the New Age moves upon us, we will increasingly recognise animals as spiritual beings worthy of our respect. ?Communication is the golden key that unlocks the door to understanding.? Animal communication is mostly concerned with emotions, feelings, events and happenings in the here and now. We tend to think that animal communication involves them understanding what we want, but in truth, it is a two-way process. A lifetime of living with and loving animals has led Ann Walker to conclude that much communication with animals is on a mind to mind level, and she tells of many personal psychic experiences with animals. Old superstitions and magical beliefs about animals are examined, also the attitude of different religions. Ann shares her own experiences and those of others with dead pets returning or sending messages and expresses a firm belief in the continued spiritual existence of animals after death.
ISBN 1861630166
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