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The Moon and You - Your Phase at Birth, by Teresa Moorey

The Moon and You - Your Phase at Birth, by Teresa Moorey
What phase is your life? Most of us know our birth sign, and all that it conveys about our personality. However, your birth sign is only based on the position of the Sun at birth; what about the Moon? The Moon affects all of life, from the swell of the tide to the growth of plants. It affects the rhythms and moods of humans, also. Science and statistics confirm this. The phase of the Moon when you were born radically affects your personality. Waxing, full and waning, the Moon has a major impact on our instincts and responses. Are you rather a quiet world-weary Leo? Maybe yours is a waning Moon. Perhaps you are an ebullient, irrepressible Capricorn? Perhaps the Moon was new at your birth. This book looks at nine lunar types - how they live, work and play. There are simple tables to find out the phase of your birth, and suggestions for how you can tune in to the positive side of this, and to the movements of the Moon on a daily basis. The Moon is a powerful force in our lives - this force can work for you. ISBN 186163 1944
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