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The Legend of Robin Hood, by Richard Rutherford-Moore

The Legend of Robin Hood, by Richard Rutherford-Moore
by Richard Rutherford-Moore
'A must-read for Robin Hood freaks, like your editor!' The Cauldron Robin Hood is known throughout the world, but who was he, where did he come from and how and where did he and his followers live? Over the years, the Legend of Robin Hood has lost nothing in the telling. Indeed, it is with the telling that the legend originated;. From the far ages and mists of antiquity he grew; some of the very first printed works in England were of him and his exploits, already well-known in stories and songs. What has come down to us is a memory, embellished by fantasies and facts woven into today?s story of the dispossessed nobleman or stout yeoman, seeking revenge and fair play from an unjust system, righting Wrongs and doing Right finally winning through and finding love and freedom - and immortality. The truth about a real man may never now be known, but the legend is there for all to see. The shadowy figure of Robin Hood himself stands smiling impartially today against a background of individuals and groups who rival for his favour, lay claims to his birth, life and death; and see him - amongst other things - as a medieval knight, a bloodthirsty thief or a magical wood-elf. Trying to tie him down to one of them is as easy as finding the crock at the end of the rainbow! Richard Rutherford-Moore brings his skills to bear on this enduring legend, bringing us not just solidly researched facts, but a real feel for the life and times of the most legendary bowman of all time. ISBN 1 86163 069 7
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