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The Inner Mysteries of the Goths, by Nigel Pennick

The Inner Mysteries of the Goths, by Nigel Pennick
"A necessary addition to one?s library" Odinism Today
A book about the runes used by the ancient Goths, & their unique rune-derived alphabet, also used as a divination system. The runes have developed & continue to flourish, entering new areas unheard of by their practitioners of ancient days. Now, in this book, published 1400 years after the Roman Catholic church suppressed the Gothic Alphabet, the Gothic staves are described again together with their runic siblings as a system of seership. With the Gothic alphabet, each character possessed an individual meaning that emanated partly from the spirit of the age, partly from the conscious & subconscious of the alphabets? creator and partly from the undefinable realm of spirit. Gothic divination has no overall ruling text, only individual meanings & associations without giving a fixed, textual, association. This flexibility & freedom within an agreed framework provides us with a powerful tool to investigate every area of human experience from an otherworldly perspective. It is up to us to use the power of divination wisely, for the good of all.
ISBN 1898307 512
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