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The Image of the Temple: Martinism, Theosophia & Mystical Freemasonry of the 18th Century by Nigel Jackson

The Image of the Temple: Martinism, Theosophia & Mystical Freemasonry of the 18th Century by Nigel Jackson
The eminent 18th century illuminist Karl Von Eckhartshausen in his mystical treatise ‘The Cloud on the Sanctuary’ described a secret and interior sanctuary of enlightened adepts which had existed from the dawn of the world, concealed from the view of the profane: this secret sanctuary of the illuminated has always existed and will endure to the end of time, constituting a chain of true initiates which spans and ultimately transcends time and space and which casts its image, as figures upon a screen, in the form of outward associations and filiations of seekers after the eternal Wisdom of God, Theosophia.

This book presents an insight into esoteric traditions which have previously not been available in English or only in a garbled or confused form. It begins with an introduction – A Sophiology of the Temple. Intimations of La Chose. 'Vraie Maconnerie'.
Chapter 1 The High & Holy Order – historical account of Martinesisme/Martinism in the context of 18th century Masonic illuminism, theosophy, timeline of the Order and its developments, 'Order of the Elect of the Eternal' et al.
Chapter 2 The Science of Man - The doctrine of MdP, the Divine Court, Fall of Angels, Emanation of Man-God, Fall of Adam, Reconciliation, Heli/Rhely & the Prophetology of Recurrence, Sacred History, Cain, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Moses, Salvation-cycle, Martinesiste Christology, Docetism & Angelos-Christ, the Universal Restitution/ Apocatastasis.
Chapter 3 The Universal Hieroglyph – Detailed commentary upon MdP's Tableau Universel, the Temple of Solomon, Chyram and Christ, Temple as 'Universal Hieroglyph of the Universe and Man, Three Spirituous Essences, Central Fire Axis etc. The ternary Terrestrial Immensity, 3 alchemical elements, Biblical figures, chain of Prophets, symbolic colours, initiatic classes and degrees, grades etc.
Chapter 4 Mysteries of Arithmosophy –The roots of Number, roots of Number lost by Man at his Fall, Arithmosophical Operations: theosophical reduction, extraction, caput mortuum etc. the doctrine of the Decad: the scale of the Numbers 1-10.
Chapter 5 Seven Lamps of Paracletic Theurgy – The Theurgical Gnosis of the Paraclete, the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the Equinoxes, Feasts of Saint John, Angelosophy of the Élus Coëns, the Bon Ange Compagnon et al. Theurgic gnosis/gnostic theurgy, 2400 spirit names, characters, hieroglyphs, the concept of 'passes' and their significance.
Chapter 6 The Interior Sanctuary of the Heart – interiorization and sublimation of theurgical method, the Hidden Church, Interior Sanctuary of the Elect, the Way of the Heart, invocation of the Holy Name, quintessential orison et al.
Chapter 7 The Royal Way of Regeneration – the esoteric path of Jesus Christ, the Universal Divine Repairer as the eternal pattern of spiritual Regeneration, Theosis, the Resurrection, Transfiguration and Corpus Gloriosum, the 'Light of Tabor'.
Appendix: Theurgic Invocations Daily Invocation MEC, Invocations of Bon Ange Compagnon, Short Office of the Holy Spirit, et al.

Appendix: Astrosophy of the Élus Coëns Planets, stars, moon-phases in the Coën tradition.
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