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The Healing Earth

The Healing Earth
Michael Hoadleywrites from the perspective of someone who has been there and done it - sat in a medicine lodge to learn, been part of the culture and tradition. Here he shares thoughts and experiences on chant and dance, sacred equipment, ‘tricks of the trade’, the life, work and philosophy of shamanic practitioners and shamanistic practise and Native American healing practise - a major part of shamanism - including a Native American Herbal. Shamanism is a life-long path involving dedication, self discipline and self sacrifice. As Leslie Caye of the Ksunka band of the Kootenai said "a lot of people want instant gratification without giving the sacrifice and a lot of times that is the problem Native peoples have with that 'New Age' or 'Mystic' side where they just try to cash in on the beauty of our religions without giving the pure sacrifice". This book is written with understanding, love and caring for the shamanistic path and life, imparting true knowledge and insight. ISBN 186163 2517
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