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The Face of the Deep - Healing Body and Soul, by Penny Allen

The Face of the Deep - Healing Body and Soul, by Penny Allen
by Penny Allen
We cannot truly heal our bodies or minds without recognising the needs of the soul. The healing process appears magical or miraculous only when we do not understand the inner workings behind life. Outer and inner are inseparable. Ancient gods share their names with the planets and their influences with colours, music, numbers and chakras, the energy wheels within our bodies. Penny Allen has a background as a journalist and a teacher of literature as well as twenty years of experience as a teacher of meditation and as a healer, counsellor and astrologer. Drawing on mythology, she leads us on a fascinating journey of discovery showing how the soul is linked to the body and mind and concluding that, if we are to heal ourselves and our environment, we must align ourselves once again to the universe of which we are part. ISBN 186163 0409
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