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The Crystal Workbook, By Ali Maq Peregrine

The Crystal Workbook, By Ali Maq Peregrine
The Crystal Workbook is the culmination of 20 or so years of the author's ongoing interest in crystals, rocks, gemstones and minerals. Ali acquired her first tumbled stones as a child; many of these still live and work with me. Over the last decade she has been actively studying, learning; acquiring knowledge, experience and wisdom from working with the energies of crystals. She is a qualified Crystal Healing practitioner, and has a continuing interest in complementary therapies, Nature, ancient and modern spiritual practices, and in universal balance and peace. This book will give you the relevant background information as well as helping you learn how to work with the energies of crystals, in an experiential, hands-on, practical way. There are exercises and meditations throughout the book, and you are invited to write up your own experiences in a journal that will not only become your own personal resource, but will help chart your progress and encourage you further along the path of Crystal Healing. Isbn 186163 319 X
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