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The Company of Heaven, By Jan McDonald

The Company of Heaven, By Jan McDonald
Angels are divine spirit beings that have chosen not to incarnate into the physical realm in the normal way but can bridge the gap between heaven and earth. They act as divine messengers and intermediaries between us and God/ Goddess, HigherPower/Creator, Source/Universe, they are ambassadors from ‘above’ and helpers and healers here on the physical plane. Whilst angels can appear to us as the archetypal winged celestial messenger they may also appear in physical form, coming into our lives when we need them most, taking a form that each individual can relate to or interact with as they let us know of their desire to help. In times of personal transition or change as well as at times of great Universal change such as our Earth is currently facing, Angels can act together as teams to ease the pain of these transitions. This book brings you to a closer understanding of the Angelic Realm and how to work with them for your own benefit in healing and personal spiritual growth as well as for others and for the healing of our troubled Mother Earth. Here you will encounter the peace and love and divine healing that these wonderful beings can bring and that you will meet with your Guardian Angel who will be your constant companion and guide as you walk through your daily lives. Company of Heaven is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to giving basic information about the Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters, whilst the second part is given over to practical methods of working with the angelic realm, meditations and channelling as well as some personal experiences of myself and others with the angelic realm. ISBN 186163 279 7
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