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The Circle and the Square, by Jack Gale

The Circle and the Square, by Jack Gale
by Jack Gale
"One of the best books I have read concerning Glastonbury and I highly recommend it both for its excellent research into esoteric Avalonian history and for its practical exposition of how a belief system can evolve, expand and lead to remarkable results" Avalon magazine
Past-life memories and proven questing techniques combine in this original, amazing and provocative study of the occult background to the Tor executions of the Glastonbury Three in 1539. Using psychically received material with archival research, Jack Gale takes the reader through the strange magical and alchemical underworld of early Tudor Glastonbury. Here, guardian thought-forms who watch over hidden sacred treasures and secret ritual marriages, still dimly reflected in the imagery of the great landscape zodiac, conceive awesome, living energies. The Avalonian earth and its mysteries are viewed from a radically fresh perspective, raising many profound questions in the reader?s mind.
ISBN 186163 013 1
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