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The Callanish Dance

The Callanish Dance
?Moments of deep spirituality....Recommended reading? Northern Earth.
?I find this mix of the spiritual and the physical in its everyday aspects particularly rewarding.? Wood & Water
The cycle of the year celebrated in the sacred landscape of the Western Isles. This is the story of one woman?s journeying through life, through the sacred landscapes of the British Isles and primarily the journey round the cycle of the years during a decade lived on the Island of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland. This is a very personal story of self-discovery set in a magical landscape, illustrated with original artwork and photographs by the author. Jill Smith?s articles, poetry and drawings have appeared since the early 1980?s in many magazines including: Pagan Parenting Network Newsletter, The Pipes of PAN, Wood and Water, Northern Earth, The Ley Hunter, From the Flames, Source, Dalriada, Celtic Connections, Avalon Magazine, We?moon Almanac.... ISBN 186163 105 7
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£9.95 ex VAT

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