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The Book of the Veil, by Peter Paddon

The Book of the Veil, by Peter Paddon
by Peter Paddon
?All sincere students of the religion of ancient Egypt are advised to study this rare & excellent exposition of that unique faith. The author?s style is clear &, because he knows his subject so well, he makes even the exceedingly complicated pattern of religious life in Egypt easy to understand.? Olivia Robertson, Arch Priestess & Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis. Covers the land & people of Ancient Egypt and priesthood structures. The Egyptian creation legend is recounted with its inner meaning & its relevance to modern spiritual travellers. The legends & attributes of the major deities are included with a meditation & pathworking. Further sections include: The Ankh of Asar-Ra, The Egyptian Qabalah, Creating a Sacred Place, Examples of Ancient Egyptian Magic, Temple Equipment, Applications for Modern Magicians, Correspondence Tables, Lamen Designs & Consecration. ISBN 1898307 38 5
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