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The Book of Seidr, by Runic John

The Book of Seidr, by Runic John
Seidr is the ancient Northern European shamanism. The main practice of seidr, as with all shamanic traditions, is the use of various extremely ancient techniques to affect the mind and alter our consciousness to a state in which we can perceive and work with the hidden realm of spirit directly.We may take up the practice of Seidr initially for ourselves to give us a better understanding of ourselves and of the hidden realm that normally lurks beneath the onion skin we call reality. We can use seidr to connect on a deeper level to our own inner self and to enhance our particular skills and positive qualities. Seidr can also help us to connect to the hidden realms of nature on a before unimaginable depth, allowing us to gain an experiential understanding of the natural world and all that dwell therein; to actually feel one with the forest, the earth and the sky. Through seidr you may truly begin to form a real relationship with our ancestors and the elder gods and goddesses of our folk. As you embark on this path of seidr, never again will the world look empty and hollow, for your eyes will learn to see the spirit in all things and to hear the voices of the ancient ones. ISBN 186163 2290
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