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The Book of Mirrors by Luthaneal Adams

The Book of Mirrors by Luthaneal Adams
The aim of this book is to help people who find themselves training with a witch coven or just considering it. The author concentrates on his experiences, rather than trying to pad out those experiences witha lot of general information on Wicca. There are already enough books on the market that provide the basics of Wiccan belief. This book opens a window into the process of training with a coven, both for the prospective trainees and for all those covens out there who may benefit from seeing things from the other side. All initiates were seekers once, maybe this book can help create a memory bridge back to what it was like to be a Wiccan trainee and put up a few signposts as to what may benefit future trainees. Surely all coven-training experience will be different - as different and varied as covens themslves, but maybe there is a thread of emotion and personal growth that we all experience as we undergo this journey. Maybe we all share similar uncertainties. You may find yourself uncertain regarding that ultimate question of initiation. If such uncertainties are shared between seekers such as the author, then maybe the knowledge of the shared weight will lighten the load a little.
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