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The Book of Dowsing and Divining, by Sue Phillips

The Book of Dowsing and Divining, by Sue Phillips
With Illustrations by Morgan Phillips
MOST PEOPLE CAN DOWSE, it's simply a question of learning how. This book will teach you to find out all kinds of things from health problems to buried treasure; from ley lines to what colour you should wear to enhance your energies. Packed with illustrations, The Book of Dowsing and Divining contains clear step by step instructions for divining with forked twigs, dowsing rods and pendulums. There are easy instructions for making your own dowsing tools, too, even if you have no practical experience or money; and ideas for improvisation when you simply have to dowse, but have left your equipment at home. Sue Phillips is a dowser and healer of many years? experience and has distilled her knowledge to bring you this highly readable and entertaining How-to book. ISBN 186163 1200
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