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The Book of Beasts, by Nigel Pennick and Helen Field

The Book of Beasts, by Nigel Pennick and Helen Field
by Nigel Pennick and Helen Field
In A Book of Beasts, world-renowned author Nigel Pennick and artist Helen Field present personal visions of what certain beasts mean to them, how they see them living and interacting with the human and divine worlds, through the medium of our cultural heritage. Their vision stems from the European Traditional Spirituality, with the natural understanding that humans are one with Nature, and must behave accordingly. In this spiritual current, there is no place for cruelty to living beings, we are all links in the same chain of being. The illustrations reproduced here are not simply illustrating the text, but are texts in their own right, additional to the printed words. A Book of Beasts explores certain aspects of a wide range of ?subjects? ranging from the creation legends and fables of antiquity and the medieval Bestiaries to the otherworld of the gods; from the European Martial Arts to remedies, superstitions and geomancy, from urban horses and pigeons to the tups and dragons of mummery. What they all have in common is their underlying spiritual connection, the oneness of human beings with the world of beasts.
ISBN 186163 1448
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