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The Art of Conversation With the Genius Loci, by Barry Patterson

The Art of Conversation With the Genius Loci, by Barry Patterson
The Art of Conversation With the Genius Loci looks at the relationship between our spiritual path and our immediate environment. The mystery of place - finding our place and developing a relationship with it - are a powerful, if simple, magic and are also an ideal reference point from which to examine broader issues. As a society we are insulated and alienated from nature and tend to look at it from an idealistic or political viewpoint. The problem of our loss of integration with the environment isn't just a physical one about pollution or an ecological one about our present lifestyle not being sustainable, it is also at the heart of the spiritual crisis which our culture has created for itself. This book is aimed not only at modern pagans who are already engaged with these ideas, but also at people who have a more general interest in ecology and spirituality. In a down-to-earth and practical way it suggests ways for people to explore, find and make deeper contact with their own special places. There is also a very personal journey through the inner landscape of the mind and the book deals with various methods of dealing with the issues that outdoor meditation and magic are likely to bring up, including privacy, safety and protection for both the place and the person. Barry Patterson has been inspired by the natural world, whether wilderness or puddle, all his life. He works as a freelance educational performer and teacher specialising in science and natural history. ISBN 186163 1693
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