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Teachings of the Wisewomen, by Rhiannon Ryall

Teachings of the Wisewomen, by Rhiannon Ryall
Rhiannon Ryall is widely known as a leading writer on The Old Religion through her books 'West Country Wicca', 'Celtic Lore & Druidic Ritual' and 'Weaving A Web of Magic'. The information and guidance in this new book stems from Rhiannon's teachers and guides; four wisewomen who have instructed and guided her in the Craft over many years. Two of these mentors are earthly advisors, two are not, though all are working along similar lines. The feeling for the Old Ways comes from the heart and shines through these teachings, blended with down-to-earth commonsense which has always made Rhiannon's work so approachable and practical, as well as spiritual. The book is packed with songs, chants and simple, unpretentious wisdom - a book for followers of all paths.
ISBN 186163 036 0
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