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Teach Yourself the Psychology & Astrology of Human Relationships, By Mavis Klein

Teach Yourself the Psychology & Astrology of Human Relationships, By Mavis Klein
The book is informed by the author’s 30 years experience as a psychotherapist as well as by her knowledge of astrology, which sets it apart from most astrology books. Inasmuch as astrology is an applied art/science, the astrologer is only able to give confident interpretations if he or she has some mundane knowledge of the subject-matter under discussion. Personal counselling being the most popular use of astrology, many astrologers get by with their intrinsic knowledge of 'human nature' based on their own life experience, but the author believes many would welcome some specific learning about psychology without having to embark on prolonged training. This book offers a unique balance astrology and psychology in this way. This book is also singular in its detailed delineation of life stages, from five to eighty-eight (including 13 stages in adult life, together with their associated universal transits). The stages from ages five to twenty-five include very detailed analyses of the psychology of parenting at each stage as well as 'five personality types' (of parents) based on the author’s own original theory of personality derived from her psychotherapeutic experience. Each chapter begins with a summary of its contents and ends with exercises and questions and general 'Do's' and 'Don'ts'.
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