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Talking to the Earth, by Gordon MacLellan

Talking to the Earth, by Gordon MacLellan
This book welcomes the reader onto an adventure of creativity into the wild that hides in the corners of park and city: a chance to explore the world around us and express discoveries in exciting ways. ?Talking? is a collection of activities to let the artist out in everyone:- using natural, recycled or cheap materials, here are chances to explore new ways of expressing the relationship between ourselves and the natural world. Ranging from the dramatic potency of 'Masks' to banners and story boards, activities are presented with easy to follow guidelines, practical notes for teachers, parents and group leaders and handy hints for a smoother run. Designed for use by children of all ages from infant to ancient, 'Talking to the Earth' is an invaluable manual for anyone working in environmental art - from the experienced art-worker to the cautious beginner. A set of A4 work sheet masters is available at a cost of £7.50 including p&p. ISBN 1898307 43 1
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