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Stumbling through the Undergrowth - A Guide to the Living of Life

Stumbling through the Undergrowth - A Guide to the Living of Life
"Highly absorbing and objective...deeply intelligent....humourous...worthy...thought provoking, sincere and worthy of wide readership." Pagan Dawn
More and more of us are finding ourselves in an uncomfortable position regarding the society we live in. The problem is, we do not fit into the alternative society either. There are possessions we enjoy owning; things we like doing that cost money to do. We love the freedom to drive to different places in the cars we own, we want the money to buy the petrol needed to get us there - but we are concerned about the way we are earning that money and about the harmful gases and burning oil we leave in our wake and worry about the over-exploitation of earth?s resources. A great many people are divided between two different ways of living and have ended up somewhere between them both. This book addresses a number of concerning issues. How do we live a life of spiritual value while at the same time function in a society we find ourselves frequently at odds with? How do we find true peace and happiness in a troubled, unbalanced world? How can we improve our lives and ourselves? The author explores these and other questions and, using a model based around the four elements suggests ways to resolve the conflicts we have, both internally and externally, without resorting to preaching - believing instead that the reader should be allowed to form their own opinions and make up their own mind. Unlike the claims made by some publishers, this book will not change your life - but it could help you to change your life yourself. ISBN 1 86163 077 8
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