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Spirits of the Earth, by Jaq D Hawkins

Spirits of the Earth, by Jaq D Hawkins
'It's all in here...really wonderful and useful stuff...I really couldn?t put this excellent book down. I would thoroughly recommend this book' Touchstone '..plenty of practical information in a straightforward, no-nonsense style' Comhairle Cadre 'A delight to read..a very highly informative and very readable book.' Eastern Spirit This is the first volume in the Spirits of the Earth series in which Jaq D Hawkins shares an understanding of the basic nature of elemental spirits with her readers. Within each volume, Ms. Hawkins explains to us the nature of the element, types of spirits associated with each element, and correspondences in magical thought as well as rituals and divination methods in natural magic. Included in Spirits of the Earth are the types of natural objects, and sometimes man-made objects, which attract Earth Spirit inhabitants as well as methods to see or communicate with these elemental spirits, places of worship or invocation, and the nature of thought form spirits associated with the Earth element. From fanciful fairies to guardian spirits of stone circles, Spirits of the Earth is a 'must have' for anyone who has an interest in elemental spirits. ISBN 186163 002 6
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