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Soul Resurgence - A Guide to Reincarnation, by Poppy Palin

Soul Resurgence - A Guide to Reincarnation, by Poppy Palin
This book explores the possibility that the soul is the 'eternal self', or spirit essence, which has the capability to travel through incarnate life cycles in a ?flesh vehicle?, or human body. It looks at the nature, origins and purpose of soul in comparison to the bodies or masks that it chooses to wear whilst 'in the world'. Soul Resurgence contains simple techniques and methods for the reader to gain their own personal understanding of both their own eternal self and the reasons why it has chosen various bodily guises through time. Reincarnation is discussed in terms of it being a renewal or movement towards growth as opposed to a linear ascension into a universally defined perfection. The purpose of becoming incarnate in order to learn how to become the best sort of soul that you can be, given your type, is put forward as the central issue. It is a book which promotes new ways of seeing our own unique part in the web of existence, stemming from the spiritual premise ?we are one another?. ISBN 186163 1162
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