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Soul Pathways, by Paul Williamson

Soul Pathways, by Paul Williamson
by Paul Williamson

As souls, before we are born, we agree to take on certain challenges during our incarnations on Earth. Meeting these challenges may prove to be very demanding and testing for our character. We can be confronted with situations where we feel rejection, guilt, isolation, loss of trust and many other difficult emotions. It may seem easier to seek to escape or avoid what our soul has set out for us to do. Yet, when we can ask for help and reach within to learn about our inner truth, we can feel stronger. We may still need to endure suffering and come to terms with experiences where we feel that we have fallen short of what may have been wise and right. However, by being open to discover what is within, even when this may be uncomfortable, this may begin a process of healing and finding peace. In this, his third book, Paul Williamson has gathered some very frank and open accounts of people's life stories. These express, through intimate personal sharing, details of fundamental human problems, which are common to us all. By exploring the underlying conditions of these problems, Paul has tried to communicate thoughts and ideas that people may use to gain understanding of their own dilemmas. Sensitively written, this book is intended to help readers to find their own `soul pathway', so that they can emerge from experiences of inner darkness in their lives, to a life that is happier, richer and filled with hope. ISBN 186163 1812
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