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Somerset Cider Folklore and Customs, by Jon Dathen

Somerset Cider Folklore and Customs, by Jon Dathen
In the western counties of England, and in Somerset in particular, cider was, and for many still is, an integral part of the rural way of life. Over the centuries, folklore and customs have become entwined with the growing of apple trees, the harvesting of the fruit, and the production and consumption of cider. Some of these beliefs and practises are practical, a method of fermentation or a saying recording the best time to plant a tree. Other belong to the realm of magic and pagan belief, these include the propitiation of orchard spirits, ceremonies to ensure a robust harvest, and the many little 'somethings', done 'just for luck'. A richly absorbing apple anthology, superbly researched and altogether different from what the reader might expect. Here is preserved the history and all the fun and seriousness of the folklore and customs connected to cider - from wassailing to apple games and Toad Swimming, its maker and drinkers, throughout the county of Somerset, in the past and the eternal present. ISBN 186163 2509
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