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Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft, by Liz Pilley

Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft, by Liz Pilley
The author is extremely well qualified to write this, having been the moderator for the world’s largest witchraft site - The Children of Artemis - for three years and their agony aunt for a year. There is a great deal of interest in real information on witchcraft not based on Wicca and the information given here fits the bill well. This is a tool to make the reader think for themselves rather than a how-to book of Witchcraft. Vital basic topics covered include: Preparing yourself for witchcraft; the importance of finding your emotional balance and your true path with many ideas on how to do this and what this will mean for your life; Responsibility and Ethics; an exploration of different possible attitudes to deity and the sacred; iintroducing the ideas of immanence and transcendence within religious belief and different concepts of deity; what magic is and is not is defined, and how to create your own spells, with well thought out information of protection, magical tools, working magically with other people or groups and a discussion on safety relating to this is all covered. The importance of various natural cycles to your practice of magic is discussed, starting with your own stage of life such as age, occupation, emotional stage etc to your immediate environment of home, town, history and thirdly the cycles within nature as a whole. Finally the author underlines the importance of thinking for yourself, learning all you can and thinking critically, knowing yourself well and constantly re-assessing your beliefs in the light of new circumstances. Also emphasises being happy, confident and having fun with your magical practice! ISBN 186163 2533
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