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Smiles and Miracles, Dr InaNorma Yanez

Smiles and Miracles, Dr InaNorma Yanez
Good and heart-warming things do happen, paranormally, miraculously or whatever term you prefer - the aim of this book is to share these. Magic and the paranormal events of history have always filled people with awe and a mystical feeling since the beginning of time. This book describes miracles that have really happened to ordinary people, and in some cases animals. These happenings have been authenticated as well as could be accomplished through years of research, in-person questioning, sworn testimonials, and the author's own on-site scrutiny. Whenever possible, the author observed the accounts given by being physically there to do the reporting. Phenomenal healings, Extra Sensory Perception(s), prayer, meditative thoughts plus synchronicity, all play major roles in these researched accounts. Many of those involved have said they 'do not believe in God', others were devout in their religiosity. Perhaps one day we shall understand more fully why such amazing phenomena occur. The purpose of this book is not to explain, it is to report so many testified events that you, the reader, will come up with your own comfortable and believable explanations. ISBN 186163 1669
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